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SOLWAI has a skilful CEO and an essential pillar for digital health projects with pharmaceutical, medical and public health backgrounds, as well as advanced competencies in machine learning.

G. Beaino started as a research scientist with a Pharm.D. and PhD in Epidemiology and over a 10-year record in peer reviewing for world's top health journals.

In recent years, G. Beaino has trained in machine learning 

and learned Python programming, which renders her an exceptionally interdisciplinary mind that SOLWAI is proud to have.

Dr Beaino is expert in population-based longitudinal cohort studies and has worked on several subjects ranging from clinical trials to leukemia and preterm birth.

Brain imaging, computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence.

Through her years of expertise, Dr Beaino had the chance to work on brain imaging as well as numerous obstetrical, prenatal, neonatal and postnatal factors, and has built prediction models for cognitive and motor deficiencies in children born very preterm. 

G. Beaino is well known in the medical community and has grown her expertise in big health databases delivering quality peer reviews for the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine (leading medical journal), Pediatrics (official journal of the Amercian Academy of Pediatrics, and world's leading pediatrics journal) and The Journal of Pediatrics (which is a well ranked peer reviewed journal in the pediatrics field).

Peer reviewing, international expertise in big databases.
Peer reviewing, international expertise for world's top health journals.

"Dear Dr. Beaino,

I want to once again personally express my appreciation for your consistently thorough reviews of the manuscripts submitted to Pediatrics... The time and detail you provide ensures the high quality of the articles we publish in Pediatrics.

Alex R. Kemper"


G. Beaino co-founded SOLWAI in 2019, an IT company that promotes digital transformation. SOLWAI specialises in a large range of services from Software Development to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Digital Health, IOTCloud, Design, Marketing & Communication.
Dr Beaino interacted closely with clients and personally oversaw dozens of projects. She brought
innovation to IT services in many ways and was to SOLWAI what design thinking is to business.

Feel free to contact Dr BEAINO for any collaboration.

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